Fire Danger - Low

Last Update: Monday, February 7th, 2022, 4:16:55 PM

Chelan County Fire District #3 has lifted the BURN BAN that applies to Residential Debris Fires. Debris Burning will be permitted effective on 10/01/2021.

Debris burning is not permitted within the City Limits or Urban Growth Area.

  • No burning shall be undertaken unless weather conditions (particularly wind) are such that burning can be considered safe.
  • Debris burning of natural vegetation is allowed. Maximum pile size is 4X4X4-feet in diameter. A 10-foot diameter clear of flammable material around the pile is required. Water and a shovel must be readily available on site to suppress the fire and the fire must be attended.
  • No Household trash or garbage shall be burned outdoors at residences.
  • Burn barrels are illegal and not permitted.

Please check the following agencies prior to igniting your pile for any additional restrictions.

If you have any questions regarding the current burn status please contact Chelan County Fire District #3 at (509) 548-7711.

Dave Nalle, Deputy Fire Chief of Prevention

For approved fire pit definitions refer to the Fire Pit Definitions page.

For complete information on outdoor burning please refer to the Burning Restrictions page.

For details on the current Industrial Fire Precaution Level refer to the Department of Natural Resources.

For further information please contact Central Washington Interagency Communication Center (CWICC) at (509) 884-3473.