August 2017 Levy Issue

What is the Fire Department asking for?

Chelan Country Fire District #3 is asking to restore the levy rate to $1.00 per $1,000 of assesed property value.

Why does the department need it?

Without a levy increase the Department will have to cut staff and services. Community residents will experience longer response times and higher insurance rates. Levy monies are required to keep pace with the needs of a rapidly expanding community and to replace aging fire and rescue equipment and apparatus.

How does Fire District #3 compare?

Fire DistrictAssessed ValueLevy rateTotal Taxes
CCFD #1 Wenatchee$4,108,596,350 1.37 $5,634,528
DCFD #2 East Wenatchee$3,911,628,8601.15 $4,506,768
CCFD #7 Lake Chelan$1,942,245,9160.99 $1,928,225
CCFD #5 Manson$766,541,8190.77 $591,604
CCFD 9 Lake Wenatchee$817,329,7890.61 $498,092
CCFD #6 PD Monitor$740,361,7450.47 $351,321
CCFD #3 Leavenworth$1,043,282,0600.39 $409,602
CCFD #8 Entiat$288,307,5790.35$103,588

How much will the levy increase cost property owners?

Homeowners would see their property tax increase by 0.61 cents per $1,000 of assesed value.

For example, the owner of a $300,000-dollar house will see an increase of $14.23 a month (or $170.70 per year)

How will the funds be used?

  • Lowering Response times. Hiring two full time Firefighters and two seasonal Firefighters to ensure adequate 24x7 staffing.
  • Increased Shift Coverage. Expand the resident training program to 6 personnel.
  • Training. Develop training programs that allow Firefighters to practice emergency situations in advance of responding to actual incidents.
  • Prevention. Prevent incidents before they happen through Firewise programs, pre-fire plans, and safety inspections.
  • Financial Stability. Reduce debt and establish a maintenance and replacement schedule for apparatus.

What happens if the levy passes or fails?

Maintain fast response times 24x7Increased insurance rates due to higher risk classification
Hire two seasonal FirefightersLack of staffing at the most dangerous times of the year will lead to increased response times
Allow Firefighters to train with real world scenariosFirefighters may see some incident types for the first time when there
are life and death consequences
Implement Firewise programIncreased risk of severe Wildland fires
Pre-fire planning and inspectionsIncreased severity of structure fires
Update department equipment and training methodsHigher risk to volunteers
Hire two fulltime FirefightersFurther reductions in staffing
Fire Department will be able to grow along with the communityDepartment will struggle to provide basic services