Tips For Online Wildland Training with

The online Wildland training uses a flash player to guide you through a series of online courses. Unfortunately if the flash player or browser crashes or your session times out you may lose any progress you've made on the current module. Having to start over on a module that you've already spent hours on can be extremely frustrating. Below are a few tips to help keep this from happening.

  1. Exit the training periodically to force a save of your progress.

    As you finish each subsection if you click the 'Exit' button on the lower left you will return to the main training page. Returning to the main training page forces the system to save your progress. This safeguards your progress in case the flash player crashes. Once your progress is saved you will always start from the last save point.

    Note that if you don't explicitly save your progress by exiting the module your progress won't get saved until you complete the module (so if you get to the last test question and it crashes you will have to do everything over again).

    To save click the 'Exit' button in the lower left. Note that you should only exit after you've completed a sub section. If you exit in the middle of a subsection your progress within the sub section will not be saved.

    Once you've clicked exit you should see the dialog below to confirm that your progress has been saved:

  2. Don't let your session time out.

    If you let your computer sit idle after you have started a section your session may timeout. There will be no warning that your session has timed out until you try to save (via either exiting or completing the final test) at which point the save will fail and you will have to start the module over.

    If you have to leave your computer after starting a section be sure to click 'Exit' (see image above) to ensure that your progress is saved.

    Note that you will have to complete any in progress sub section before clicking 'Exit.'